We offer a tranquil and nurturing atmosphere crafted to enhance your path to recovery. You’ll receive personalized attention from a seasoned nurse in a secluded treatment space, ensuring your comfort and support. Throughout your treatment, a dedicated team member will be on hand to address queries, cater to your requirements, and guide you through each phase. We maintain an ongoing dialogue to assess progress, adapt our approach, and tailor the environment to suit your individual needs.

The small things make a big difference

By offering treatment in a serene clinic setting, we reduce external stimuli and interruptions that may detract from the healing process. Even the slightest comforts can greatly enhance your ketamine session. We furnish water, tea, blankets, calming lighting, a comfortable recliner, and attentive medical supervision, ensuring your safety and comfort. This environment enables you to relax fully and derive maximum benefit from each treatment.

Get ready for a transformative journey.

Thoughtful preparation is essential for a fulfilling experience. Feeling nervous before your initial treatment is perfectly normal. We encourage you to place your confidence in our competent team and strive to arrive feeling calm, well-rested, and at ease.

  • Arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time. Ensure you visit the restroom before your session. Stick to your prescribed medication regimen unless advised otherwise. Strive to approach your appointment feeling calm, well-rested, and relaxed. Remember, it’s okay if you find it challenging to relax beforehand—just do your best and go with the flow.
  • If nausea is a concern, refrain from eating for at least two hours before your visit. For pain infusions, avoid food for at least six hours prior. Keep yourself hydrated before and after your treatment. Wear comfortable attire and shoes that allow easy access to your arms and hands.
  • Many patients find comfort in bringing a pillow, blanket, or sentimental item from home. Minimize distractions by switching your phone to airplane mode. Consider bringing headphones and a 50-minute playlist, avoiding music with lyrics or heavy rhythms, as music can greatly impact your experience.
  • Arrange transportation in advance and ensure you have a designated driver for all appointments. If necessary, inquire about accommodations for rideshare or walking from the clinic. Steer clear of stressful situations that could affect your treatment outcome.
  • Expect to spend approximately 90-120 minutes in the clinic, with pain treatments typically lasting longer.

Set intentions 

An intention serves as a guiding goal or anchor for your experience. It can range from profound, such as coping with loss, to lighthearted, like seeking more joy in daily life. Having a predetermined thought to return to during your treatment can provide a sense of grounding and enable you to derive deeper meaning from the experience.

Your intention could involve:

  • A desired outcome
  • An experience you wish to encounter during your session
  • Seeking insights or healing in a specific area of your life
  • Aspiring to cultivate certain characteristics in yourself

If you ever feel adrift during treatment, refocusing on your intention can serve as a reassuring and effective way to realign your thoughts and continue your journey productively.

Above all, rest assured! Ketamine has undergone rigorous testing, is safe, and boasts exceptional efficacy. The likelihood of a positive outcome and successful treatment is high.

Treatment Experience:

Upon arrival at your scheduled appointment time, you’ll be escorted to the infusion room, meticulously crafted to foster a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere. Once settled, the nurse will delicately administer your IV and affix vital sign monitors, ensuring your comfort and safety.

Be ready to communicate your progress with the nurse, including any feedback or concerns regarding your previous infusion, such as nausea or other side effects.

Throughout the treatment, we encourage you to share your experiences with the nurse or therapist. Whatever emotions you may be experiencing, know that it’s completely acceptable, and our team is here to offer guidance and support.

Each treatment unfolds as a unique journey. Embrace it. Participate in it, and hold onto your intention. Direct your focus inward and resist the urge to control the experience; instead, observe the journey as it unfolds. Should negative thoughts surface, allow them to pass without holding onto them.

Ketamine is often referred to as “psychedelic medicine” due to its ability to alter perceptions and challenge deeply ingrained beliefs. It’s not unusual to gain profound insights that resonate with you long after the treatment.

What the Infusions Feel Like:

Ketamine induces a sense of detachment from one’s ordinary reality and familiar self. It has the capacity to evoke or amplify feelings of creativity, purpose, perspective, tranquility, insight, inspiration, gratitude, empathy, connection with others and the world, receptiveness to new ideas, psychological renewal, transcendence beyond one’s self, and more.

The direct effects typically endure for about an hour. While we advise refraining from making significant decisions or driving on the day of the treatment, most individuals can resume light activities three to four hours after the session.

Your experience might involve:

  • Altered states of mind and consciousness
  • Visual alterations, including vivid colors and mild visual hallucinations
  • Stirring images, memories, and emotions that may arise
  • Distortion of time and space perception
  • Changes in sensory perception and bodily sensations, heightened senses, and sensory stimulation
  • Disconnection from one’s identity, a diminished sense of self
  • Subtle out-of-body sensations, depersonalization (feeling as though one is observing themselves as in a movie)