Mental Health Infusion

For mental health infusion, the price is $400 per infusion. The infusion itself usually last 40 mins.  We recommend a series of 6 infusion over 3 weeks for the initial loading phase. This is followed by maintenance phase with one infusion every 1~2 months as needed. The treatment is paid session by session. 

Pain Infusion

For chronic pain conditions, it usually takes longer (with the exception of Migraine).  The infusion cost is $1000 per 4-hour session. This will be customized based on your response afterwards. 


We accept cash, credit or debit card (including FSA and HSA). Credit cards may be subject to a 2.6% fee. Debit cards are fee-free.

Financing Options

The quickest and easiest way to pay treatments that are not covered by insurance. Advance care card and care fund are two popular options.